THES (Tianjin Haileybury Elite School) has a Primary School (1-6) and a Middle School (7-9), approved by the Tianjin Municipal Education Authority. The curriculum meets the compulsory requirements of the relevant local education bureaus, and are supplemented with an extensive English program, along with other featured programs. Combining these with small class sizes, provides a high-end and diversified education experience for families with an international outlook. Our school aims to maximise the child’s academic ability, whilst fostering a love of learning through a growth mindset approach across the year levels. This of course is a continuous journey, developing characteristics such as integrity, respect and independence, balanced with collaboration, critical thinking, perseverance and resilience, whilst holding academic excellence and celebration of achievement as a priority. These qualities are needed in those that will be leading global citizens in the future, and students lay the foundations of this journey in Junior School and continue it into the Senior School.